A stand out stopmotion mini series about Alan, a 14 year old boy who discovers infinity on his internship.
Teddles is a series of entertaining and informative songs designed to make kids laugh at the same time as learning something. Created by master puppeteers and favourite Blink Industries collaborators, Jonny & Will. The five part mini series is now live on BBC iplayer. Accurately described as “Flight Of The Concords meets Fraggle Rock” by Zoe Ball on her BBC Radio 2 show.

The Amazing World Of Gumball

Ultra talented super duo Becky and Joe guest directed this innovative segment of the hit show, bringing their trademark humour and striking visuals in spades.

Waiting for Gumball

Sweet jupiters marbles, these shorts set in the puppet universe of The Amazing World of Gumball magnify the surreal element from the episode that spawned them, to provide an incredibly weird and entertaining style all of their own.
BAFTA nominated director duo Jonny and Will wrote, performed and scored this series of hilariously anarchic shorts for Cartoon Network.


James Lancett’s spooky high-energy animation produced as part of the Nick Shorts programme.

The Tall Tales of Urchin

Hamish Steele’s hilarious Victorian animated tale. Produced for the Nick Shorts programme.

No Ball Games

Commissioned by Disney, this football-themed comedy short from Paul Layzell put an inner city girl at the centre of a fun character-filled story, with animation that both kids and adults would enjoy.


Two shorts we made for the mighty Sesame St on the theme of recycling


Baker Terry, comedy writer of the internet sensation Don't Hug Me I'm Scared, writes and directs the definitive miniseries for the irrepressible Angry Birds in plush puppet form.



Commissioned by Channel 4, The Paddock is a colourful showcase of some of the UK's most exciting, innovative and experimental comedy talent.A colourful showcase of some of the UK's most exciting, innovative and experimental comedy talent.

Sting Theory

Katy Wix’s joyfully melancholic 2D animated story about a week in the life of Sting.


The footage that survives from the sole screening of Whippersnap was not intended for public viewing.

Don't Hug Me I'm Scared

Hugely successful web series that has been viewed over 190 million times and spawned immeasurable conspiracy theories. DHMIS is a uniquely surreal experience that defies expectations.

Year Friends

Comedy series following the friendships, fall-outs, births, deaths, marriages, break-ups, more deaths and resurrections of 7 housemates.
Welcome to Hamsbury Book Club, the second only book club in Hamsbury! Join local author Clark Cart for an afternoon of reading and talking about reading in a fairly comfortable atmosphere with local fascinating people who are fascinated with books!

Three Cool Days

A mini-series depicting two strangers meeting in surreal circumstances to great comic effect.


“Do you think about me?” Tim Key asks Laura Marling in this short film from award-winning comedian David Elms.

Marilyn Myller

A multi-award winning stop motion short from director Mikey Please.


Written and directed by Joseph Mann, this animated short film is a playful tale of a visit to the seaside from the perspective of a small boy.


A captivatingly funny short film written and directed by Craig Ainsley, starring Arnab Chanda and shortlisted by a number of festivals.

Handcuffs for Poltergeists

Comedy short from Rob Carter and Daniel Britt about a clueless filmmaker from Shropshire who miraculously gets the funding he needs.



I Love You America

The Layzell Bros bring their off-beat, anarchic humour to this animated title sequence for Sarah Silverman’s new TV show.


Three music videos for the band totalling nearly 5million views on YouTube.

Jon Hopkins

Production of four hypnotic music videos as well as a teaser for the latest album.

Jungle Book

Trailer for Robert Hunter's reimagining of The Jungle Book.

Sony Pop Idents

These inventive mini movies for children’s channel Sony Pop were created around a Halloween theme.

Cartoon Network Idents

Outside THE box, but inside A box, these Waiting For Gumball idents for Cartoon Network captured the tone of the show to create intrigue with fans.