In Development



Dorothy Gale And The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz

A contemporary re-telling of the original classic The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

I is Pig

The best-selling stories of Emer Stamp brought to life with a star-studded cast and visually adventurous animation.

Alan The Infinite

A stand out stopmotion mini series about Alan, a 14 year old boy who discovers infinity on his internship.

The Pixelarity

The Pixelarity is a visually stimulating wacky ensemble sitcom set in the world of the internet, and currently being developed at Disney.


Donna Wilson’s well loved characters are bought to life by Jonny and Will in this charming children’s series that beautifully mixes the classic and the contemporary.

The Legend Of Nutwood

James Lancett’s charming adventure-filled children’s series set in the fantasy world of Yaan.

The Legend Of Podkin One Ear

Based on Kieran Larwood's award winning book series, Blink Industries in co-production with Shiny Button.


Hamish Steele's best selling book and web series is now being developed into a fully animated series.



Surreal, imaginative and inventive character comedy show with unique mixed media elements, starring Jamie Demetriou.
Katy Wix’s joyfully melancholic 2D animated story about a week in the life of Sting.

Yoga Bear & Applesauce

An animated sitcom about a moody Bear who’s begrudgingly sent to a Healing Adventure Retreat, enthusiastically run by a girl named Applesauce.

Nightingale Wood

A half hour scripted comedy set in the woods. Developing with Guilty Party Pictures.


Cult character comic Joseph Morpurgo’s innovative fake record label project.


Magazine show that parodies the instructional material designed to help you pass the ‘Life In The UK’ test.


A semi-autobiographical narrative comedy series taking an absurdist and honest look at identity, and how we all struggle to define ourselves.


A Silent Comedy Series by David Elms.