Blind Love on First Date Island

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Blind Love on First Date Island, narrated by Bimini Bon-Boulash, is a surreal comedy dating format with a twist. Strangers are set up on blind phone dates, recorded and animated into our strange world, subverting the tropes of dating and reality TV - think Love Island and Love Is Blind meet Adventure Time.


From dreams about wedding crashings and pregnancy to flying through the air on an incense broomstick (that one will make sense when you watch it), the show brings to life all the crazy fantasies - and nightmares - that happen in our minds on a date.

The daters are NEVER able to see each other before or during the date and so have no idea what the person they're talking to looks like. 

The show also raises questions around the importance of appearances, and gives space to those not often seen on reality TV. Daters with great personalities suddenly have the upper hand. However, those with abs of steel, but the mind of a cabbage, have to work a bit harder. Whilst also being weird, funny and sweet, Blind Love on First Date Island will show that dating shows don't have to be a toxic, non-inclusive space.

Each contributor was designed by an illustrator representative of their own identity.

Created by Ben Robinson, Mike Whiteside and Oli Beale.
Produced by Alex Cartlidge and Leah Draws.

George + Nick
Nikki + Georgia
Raj + Rachel
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