DeadEndia follows the adventures of runaway Barney, neurotic Norma and magical-talking-dog Pugsley, as they balance their lives as theme park haunted house operators with battling the totally real supernatural forces that dwell within it. Together with their guide to the demonic planes Courtney, they'll face shapeshifting babies, time-travelling wizards, the happiest zombies ever and the scariest thing of all: their love lives!

Mysteries abound in the Pollywood Amusement Park. With every creature the gang encounter, a clue as to why there's a portal to hell in their elevator will be revealed. What is Barney running from? Why does Norma keep people at arms reach? And is the demon that possessed Pugsley and gave him his powers truly gone? If you want to find out, join the queue for the adventure of a lifetime (and beyond). 

Created by the marvellous Hamish Steele, this a 10 x 22 minute series.