Silent but not slapstick, HENRY is a naturalistic comedy show that just happens to not have any dialogue. The show’s absurdity comes from it’s grounded portrayal of extreme and mundane situations. Think the more absurd moments from Atlanta but more everyday, and with a sweet idiot at the centre of it. 

As a kind of naturalistic Mr. Bean, David Elms is brilliant as the central character, Henry, whose influences are Chaplin, Keaton and Harold Lloyd. Due to the relatable events, believable characters, and emotions running through this show, Harry is probably closest to Lloyd in his delivery of comedy.

The show will have an original score to give it a timeless feel and the visual style will be simple enough to cross language barriers but still based in London.

Written, directed, performed and composed by David Elms, this is a fascinating project that is in development. A full treatment is available to view.

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