I is Pig

Inspired by the best-selling stories of Emer Stamp, I is Pig is an animated TV series for kids about a supremely loveable but rather stupid pig and his exasperated brother from a feathery mother, Duck. The two B.F.F.s make an unlikely duo until you see them in action and there's a lot of it in the topsy turvy world of the farm.

This is no picture postcard farm, however. Dive under the surface and there is a surreal set up for each of the idiosyncratic characters in this laugh out loud cartoon series. Whether it's Chicken Supreme's cavernous, evil subterranean lair or Cow's up-to-the-minute Tibetan Sound Massage room, Pig and Duck are bumbling and blasting their way through in an excellent mash-up of epic narrow escapes and heinous villains, all the while sustained by the best friendship ever and fart jokes.

With voices from Simon Pegg as Pig, Nick Frost as Duck, Rob Bryden as the ruthless hearthrob Fox and Olivia Colman as well-being guru and silent assassin Cow, this quality crop of comedy legends make the perfect central characters in the awesomely adventurous, not-altogether-completely-sane world of I is Pig. 

Designed to be 52 x 11 episodes for 6-11 year olds, I is Pig is currently in co-development with producer Nira Park, and there is a Bible, Pilot Script and Animated Teaser Trailer.