Jon Hopkins

Stephen McNally - Luminous Beings

To mark Jon Hopkin’s first release in five years, Blink Industries produced this trippy teaser film; it follows mysterious luminous beings that multiply and dance across a cosmic sky scape.

Elliot Dear & Robert Hunter - Emerald Rush

A co-direction with Blink Art’s Robert Hunter, this psychedelic sci fi story for Jon's single Emerald Rush follows the abstract life cycle of a mysterious moth-like creature. Combining Rob’s mystical 2D animation style with Elliot Dear’s emotive storytelling, their emerald hued world is directly inspired by the experimental sounds and beats of the track.

Alex Grigg - Everything Connected

‘Everything Connected’ marks another highpoint on the album. Director Alex Grigg’s mesmerising animation visualises the sonic interconnectivity between the mind the natural world.

Elliot Dear - Feel First Life