Noblet & Clay

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In this innovative series BAFTA-nominated directors Jonny & Will bring their craft, boundless creativity, and infectious humour to a show with a difference. During lockdown the puppeteering duo set out to find joy and laughs in the midst of uncertainty, with their handcrafted, otherworldly monsters. Inspired by Jonny & Will’s children, Noblet & Clay are bright and insightful whilst being comedically naive to the many pitfalls of daily life. With the isolation of lockdown Noblet and Clay bonded like kids do today, over social media, keeping each other entertained, informed and most of all happy. After a year of picking up each others spirits they are ready to bring that love to the masses.

Set in an out of this world online classroom the duo, along with their monster friends are led by Big Nose, their teacher who imparts his monster wisdom to varying degrees of success and wrangles his unruly classroom over virtual calls. While he does his best to be an authority figure, his classes are regularly interrupted with a burst of energy or creativity. Home schooling becomes a show-and tell-format featuring a raucous mix of Noblet & Clay’s music, a showcase for upcoming talent and discovering funny clips from earthlings. Most importantly, it’s a space for monsters to check in with one another and ensure their mental health is a priority with everything that goes on in a world that parallels our own.

A series that will tackle the big issues that affect children of today, puts their emotional wellbeing first and makes sure they have a wild time while learning.. This is Noblet and Clay.

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