The Legend Of Nutwood

Nutwood is an excitable 13 year old fan-boy who falls through a portal into the mystical realm of Yaan.

His dreams of adventure come true when he is accidentally bound by magic to Rye, a teenage Elven princess. She is determined to become a great warrior, but her plans are somewhat derailed by this new partneship. Together with Bern, a mischievous Wisp spirit, and encountering a whole host of distinctive characters on their way, they must work together on an epic quest to break their magical bond.

Created by James Lancett and produced by Blink Industries, The Legend of Nutwood is designed to be a 13 x 22mins TV series for 7-12 year olds. The project was in development with Disney, but looking for a new home. With a Bible, Pilot Animatic & Fully Animated Trailer available to view.