The Pixelarity

In a single moment, a snapshot of the internet broke free of the rest, causing every game, app, website and virus to crash together. Now the characters inhabiting this new universe must work together to build a home, without the help of their human creators.

Taking place mostly in the Hub, the centre of The Pixelarity, this new universe is a crazy, patchwork city where pyramids, flying saucers and viking ships can be found side-by-side. It is surrounded by glitching forests of tweeting birds, a sewage system of popups and mountains where spinning loading rings fall like snowflakes. 

The fact that this world functions at all is a miracle, but that doesn’t mean its safe. Viruses still spread and a city populated by epic heroes and dastardly villains is sure to cause tension. All based on video-game characters who have lost their players, this rag tag cast of the Lost Boys meets Peter Pan are what makes The Pixelarity so darn fun. Through their relationships and escapades this mixed up world becomes one to visit again and again.

In development with Disney EMEA and created by Hamish Steele. 

Pixelarity Best