Popsqueaks is a fresh, exciting and beautiful animated series bursting with ambition. Using a hilarious bunch of balloon characters, Popsqueaks will entertain young  children whilst modelling, promoting and encouraging social-emotional skills and non-verbal communication. 

Red, Stretch, Spangle and Spike are four non-gender specific balloons, each with their own defined appearance and deep character traits. They react and behave like humans do but communicate with their physicality and the international language of ‘balloonese’. 

It is widely accepted that social-emotional intelligence crucially relies on verbal and non-verbal communication. Popsqueaks ‘get-em early’ approach will have  a clear agenda. To universally demonstrate these skills without re-formatting or talking down to its audience. Using its own language of balloonese and stellar animation to act out emotional situations, Popsqueaks clarity of thought and  visual dexterity means it will be understood throughout the world on any format without the need for re-dubbing or translation. 

Squeekpops Page Still