Undoubtedly charming and inventive, Woollywood combines hand made sets and characters with the puppetry and film-making of Jonny & Will to create a unique children's series. Each episode will be 11 minutes of cosy madness that bring to life Donna Wilson's characters in a way that delights and surprises both fans and newcomers.

The lovable characters started out life as odd knitted creatures for Donna Wilson's final show at the Royal College of Art. Since selling out there, they have gone on to become beloved toys, cushions and much more in over 30 countries around the world. Wilson's designs signal craftsmanship and a love of nature, so Blink Industries have stayed true to these values in their development.

The show is filled with sweet, silly stories and a healthy helping of the surreal, but at its core there is a positive message about co-existing with those around you and your environment and how we should all treat each other nicely. The lessons we can learn from it are delivered through tales that are occasionally odd, sometimes subversive, but always funny. Conceived and crafted in the tradition of children’s television from a more innocent era yet with a unique look that is entirely its own, Woollywood is a beautiful mix of the classic and the contemporary.